Sunday, October 30, 2011

unschooling chumash and rashi

today chana reminded me that we were not doing chamishi anymore. i just don't think she really needs to know a lot of those tough words that don't show up so many more times and i think she has the jist of the flow of the story. so we started from the new perek in the middle of chamishi. in the middle we watched some don music videos where he bangs his head on the piano. i told chana we'd do 4 new pesukim and she said, "and we'll stop if i cry." i agreed. after the first new pasuk she said she cried and i said she didn't. and she said she whined and i concurred. but we got through the pesukim.

now break. and then rashi. it's already 8:30pm and i'm not thrilled about still doing rashi tonight.

i'm fantasizing again about unschooling til the kids want to learn to read and understand chumash. what if i didnt' have to teach anything until they wanted to learn and then they learned quickly. what if they learned to read hebrew in a month and then worked at translating with my help and rashi reading. and it took only a few months because they want to?

but what if they never want to or they want to but then run out of steam? it's too scary to unschool.

but if it would work... it would be glorious.. so easy, so pleasant

but if it wouldn't work it would be so irresponsible.. i would not have my children prepared for torah learning..

one tempting thing would be they almost definitely would not be able to go to high school, because they wouldn't have the skills.. i would be counting on them picking up the skills in high school.

must give this more thought..

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