Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sunday i traded no chumash for chana taking jack out to the playground a number of times. i was recuperating from the 3 day yontif and i think it was a fair trade.

monday chana chapped rashi before we headed out to ceramics, and did sheni and part of shlishi in the car and new pesukim at home.

today, we did just milim for sheni, and entered negotiations for shlishi. i want to do the whole thing. she wanted none. i said 15 min on the timer. she demurred. i said why is 15 min too much for you. happily it did not devolve into the last time we argued over 15 min. (i made sure she was fed before we started). we got happily distracted by aharon and jack a number of times. they are very cute. (elazar is down the block playing). we compromised on doing 4 pgs out of 7, and now break, and we will do the rest later (and rashi).

in the middle, chana pretended to be a robot that was breaking and said in a robotic voice, "shutting down... cannot do work..." and then dropped her head. funny.

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