Wednesday, October 12, 2011

in the midst of chaos

today was one of those days where it felt like chumash dragged on for hours. though this was not the case, it was on my mind trying to get it done since 11am. chana didn't want to do work within a mere hour after waking. (when i later told her that rov haolam wakes up, goes to school, and does work immediately, she got insulted and began sulking, which led to me saying "do it or i'll leave" and her waving "bye" with her head still down, and me sending her to timeout and then threatening to take away her ds if she is not back within 2 minutes and reading rashi, and thinking the whole time how this is not conducive to pleasant associations with torah).

i wanted to start with rashi; she wanted to start with pesukim. eventually, she did 4 rashis. she did them ok. then a break. then i wanted her to review some pesukim in sheni and shlishi that she had had trouble with in the past. i'm glad we reviewed them and she did them nicely. then revii.

in the midst of this, aharon was crying and and screaming. i had asked her to do it during his morning nap and she had refused. so i was doubly annoyed. she said she wanted to do it during jack's nap, but jack is much easier to have around (when he's in a good mood).

blessedly, aharon fell asleep in the middle but it was only a short time. he woke up again and now he is asleep again and STILL we are not finished.

we have 3 new pesukim to do. in chamishi. they are tough. i'm getting grouchy and maybe i should feed myself before we dive into them.

chag sameach!

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