Monday, May 24, 2010

seeking opinions

today chana did the second half of pasuk aleph, all of pasuk beis and all of pasuk gimel. i started by saying, "we will be doing a lot today, and i don't want an argument." truth is, she knew pretty much all of the words, and was pleasantly surprised how she zipped through it.

then i saw how easy pasuk dalet was, and i wanted to go further, but she didn't want to. i said maybe tonight. she said no. we'll see if we have time.

we didn't review r' winder and so she is still having trouble with those prefixes and suffixes. i'm going to go right now and review it, and review the rashi letters.

does anyone have any opinion as to whether it is better for a student to work through the translation himself with the teacher on standby to help him, or whether it is better for the student if the teacher runs through it first with translation, and then drills it a few times with the student until the student is fluent in it?

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