Tuesday, May 25, 2010

more work with breaks

so today i went through the pesukim and wrote down all the prefixes and suffixes beforehand and asked chana what they were and we used r' winder to look them up. i had decided she would do 2.5 not very difficult pesukim. it seemed to me the 3rd pasuk had a word she was unfamiliar with and that would upset her, so i decided to stop after 2.5.

the list ended up as:

כם- you.
נו- (with dagesh in nun) him/it
ו-(with dot in belly) they
י-...s of
ו-(w/ dot above) him/his
י- he will
ת...נה-they will

turns out i forgot the prefix כ as "like" coz i thought she knew it but she didn't.
anyway, with all that to reference, she made it pretty easily through the first pasuk. then the further we got into the second pasuk, the more whiny and screamy she got. she doesn't want to do so much. it's too much. the phrase "כי טוב העץ" is too much, she didn't want to review all the words together to make sense of it, it's too hard, it's too much. i gave her a break. i wrote this. now i'll see if she can get back to it.

and she did the first half of the second pasuk and asked for another break. even though it's pretty simple, i think it is too much for her at this point and will go back to less tomorrow. but after this break she will do the next half. i'm curious if she will remember the word arum. likely not.


so the rest of the translating went off without a hitch. but then she had a question about the nakedness. so i asked her to say it so i could write it down (i used to have her write it down, but that was too much for her so now she dictates). she is currently tantrumming that she doesn't want to say it again, that she doesn't understand her own question, why does she need a question anyway.

i want her to be able to ask the question clearly and simply.

as she is carrying on, i am wondering if i am causing negative associations w/ questions. but questions are a natural result of natural curiosity. walking the line between making learning pleasant and not spoiling and disciplining when necessary. hard to know when to do what. intuition and teshuva are key.

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