Thursday, May 27, 2010

easy pesukim

so today i decided on 4 pesukim. chana balked at the thought. i said she can take as many breaks as she wants. she said but she'll need like 5 breaks! i said sure. she said she'd rather do 2 pesukim. i said yup.

she did the first pasuk easily. (all 4 were pretty easy today). i'm happy to report that ממני comes easily to her now. we noted that adam ran away because he was scared because he was naked, not scared because he ate from the tree! then she did the first half of the next pasuk, and needed a break.

then we did the second half of the second pasuk and she needed a break. i asked her to guess what adam would answer to the question of if he ate from the tree.

after she read the next pasuk (after her break), i asked her if adam said he did eat or did he deny it. and she said yes and no. because he blamed the woman, but also said he ate.

then she needed another break.

then she did the pasuk about the woman.

then she did a little dance and sang, "graduaaaaation!"

ps today were words like צויתיך which need a shoresh breakdown, and the 2 suffixes. the white board makes these a dream.


then she adds a ה for צוה

and we isolate תי and ך

then she just has to figure out i commanded you or you commanded me.

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