Wednesday, May 26, 2010

much pleasanter

today was remarkably smooth, especially in light of yesterday. chana did 2.5 pesukim, starting with trepidation. she didn't want to do so much, didn't we agree yesterday we would do less, she's nervous she's going to yell at me.

but i took a look and it was 6 lines whereas yesterday was 8.5 lines. also, i went through it to see if she would need review of the prefixes and suffixes and there wasn't even one i needed to review. the couple of new vocab words were easily mimed or drawn.

zip zip zip.

chana asked some good questions. the classics, like "if hashem knows everything, how can they hide from him" and "why did hashem ask where adam was if He knew already." and she came up with an interesting one: if they ate the tree and now they knew stuff, how come they didn't know that hashem knew where they were?


  1. Its OK to tell kids "I dont have the answer to your excellent question. But I will do my best to find out."
    Do you know the answer to the famous how-can-it-be free-will-if-Hashem-already-knows?

  2. hello! thanks for the reminder!

    the free will/hashem's knowledge question can actually be sidestepped in this context, because a) hashem can be asking them where they are for THEIR benefit, not his. and b) adam and his wife, as a result of violating hashem's will, can rationalize that hashem doesn't know about it. if we were really aware of hashem's knowledge, we wouldn't sin.