Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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so i told chana to do the whole pasuk today. it isn't very complicated. she said 1/2 now, and half this evening. which was much less argument than i thought i'd get. i agreed.

it was a review of a previous pasuk. before, it said hashem formed all the animals and brought them to adam to name. this pasuk says and adam named all of the animals. so chana kept getting annoyed that she read it already.

she almost remembered that קרא was called and not happened, when i mimed it. she still didn't remember that the saf at the end of chayas (chayat) hasadeh was "...s of." but it will come up again. sadeh she didn't remember, but when i said, "don't say 'meadow'" which is what she called it last time, she said field. :-)

then she asked for the computer. i said if she does the second half of the pasuk. she started whining it was too much. i said she doesn't have to do it, but i want the computer and i was willing to trade it for the second half. she opted to not trade.

she is amenable to doing the second half of the pasuk later. that assumes i have time.

unrelated, other hebrew curriculum information:

i showed chana the rashi letters this morning. we divided them into easy, medium, and i-never-would-have-thought-the-letter-would-look-like-that. she seemed to enjoy seeing the rashi letters.

chana can now speak 4 out of the 10 words on the first vocab list i compiled.

i made a list of skills i'd like chana to work on in the long term:
reading fluency, a prerequisite for
writing hebrew better
speaking hebrew decently and confidently
copying hebrew into script (my homeschool neighbor said she was going to do that and i think it's a great idea to get better writing fluency and speed. but it's too much for chana now).
reading without nekudos (this because sarah's reading is a step above atrocious. so i'd like to ramp that up)
reading rashi (as opposed to translating rashi).

i'm still thinking about how to approach rashi. goal: to be able to read and translate rashi. i was thinking the other day that maybe just practicing reading rashi would provide some fluency without the additional translation pain. (in addition to the translation work)

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