Tuesday, May 11, 2010

is the pasuk too long? no

today's half-pasuk was long, but not difficult. chana wanted to stop earlier, and said she'd stop when she didn't know a word. when i told her she knew all the words, she got huffy and whiny. i ended up disciplining her. it was effective, but she was a bit sniffly the rest of the time.

i just want to clarify a dilemma that we have regarding torah learning:

we want the child to feel good and to have positive associations with torah. but how much of that makes us hold back in proper discipline and appropriate "nudging" or pushing to work harder to acquire skills. it can't all be fun and games, can it? or can it?

given that as per alfie, a teacher has to make sure the material is doable and interesting. but if the teacher thinks that is the case, and the student is misbehaving, is there a reluctance to discipline because of the fear that it will lead to negative feelings in the future to torah? is this legit?

as always, we must walk the path of the golden mean. take each incident as an individual case, use wisdom, and think about it afterwards.

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