Tuesday, May 11, 2010

double chumash today

chana was sitting around and things were kind of quiet and she didn't want to do parsha so i asked her if she wanted to do reading or chumash. she chose chumash. why? because when she finishes bereshis, she is planning to get a cell phone w/ service. (reward).

so the vocab in the second half of the pasuk was not hard. but the literal translation ends up:
and all that he will call it the adam live animals (nefesh chaya--actually live spirits) he is his name.

chana realized that "the adam" belongs by "he will call it" coz we've seen things like that a bunch of times already (see? repetition is useful).

but the whole rest was confusing. she didn't realize that this meant that adam named the animals. when i explained that to her, she was excited. "so THAT'S how the animals got named!" (i guess she didn't think yet about adam speaking a different language..)

btw, chana astutely did not understand about adam being alone seeing as how in the previous perek, hashem created people as male and female.

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