Thursday, March 18, 2010

thanks to my good friend to whom i've been sending these daily updates

physical and emotional states affect intellect.

so chana didn't want to do chumash, and then i was running late to the dr so we didn't do it. then i wanted to go for a walk becoz it's a nice day. and chana agreed we will do chumash afterwards. then chana fell off her skooter and skinned her knees. so naturally she was too injured to do chumash.

after a rest and neosporin and band-aids she agreed to chumash. but it was a very, very long half (3 lines). she translated all words correctly (but i had to tell her what zera was coz she forgot even though it's shown up a number of times). but she kept losing the thread of the pasuk. she was in a bad mood from her injury and screamed numerous times. i kept my cool but it wasn't pleasant.

i tried to ask her questions a few times to direct her towards the flow (who did he speak to? what was on the face of the land?) but she kept screaming: i don't KNOOOOOWWW! and kept shrieking that she doesn't want to review.

then i asked her what we should do because she translated all of the words beautifully but she doesn't know what the pasuk says. and she cried that it's because it was too long. and i said well what should we do because we can't go on to the second half tomorrow if you don't know what this half is talking about. and she said she didn't know. and i said if i ask her in an hour will she have an idea? and she said maybe.

it's over an hour later and we've been in the playground and she's out there now playing and having a jolly ol time. injury forgotten. i didn't ask her how to handle chumash tomorrow. luckily tomorrow's half is only 3 words.

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