Sunday, March 28, 2010

i interrupted chana's intense comic book writing/illustrating to do chumash. i warned her a few hours in advance, and waited for a pause where she was showing a particularly comical scene to everyone.

introduced nif'al today (passive). vayechulu. a bit tricky because she is not so familiar with the normal nekudos that she can easily recognize different nekudos (eg vayomer and vaye'amer). but we had a lot of fun saying things actively and passively. chana ate... chana was eaten. chana carried... chana was carried (with pantomiming the actions, of course).

last time, she had looked up and written down 2 new words. i knew that having her find those words in her notebook would burn her out before she even started translating. apparently, reading it, finding the shoresh, finding that letter in her notebook in the proper aleph beis order, looking for it on the page, and reading it, is a real killjoy. so i just refreshed her memory that the words meant "finished" and "army." she then translated smoothly and quickly, and all was happy.

and now she's illustrating again.

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