Sunday, March 21, 2010


so i offered chana water or seltzer. she said neither. i said i am going to give you one and stand there and make you drink it, and you can choose or i will. she told me to choose. i chose to make her a seltzer because i thought it would show more caring and effort, and i felt she needed some tlc.

(we are out of co2, and all she got was slightly fizzy water, which i made her drink).

then i said, come here and sit next to me.

she said, i'm not doing work. i said, i just want to sit with you.

then she asked if she could read hebrew. i said yes. she did the math of how many pages she needed to read in order to earn club penguin. she hammered through them. she opened up to shma and began reading, and spotted an asnachta. "hey!" she said. "that's like from chumash! is that half the pasuk? where is the end of the pasuk?" i showed her. i said it's from the torah, but from devarim, not bereshis, which we are in the middle of. she said that was a proper half, and counted the words on both side of the asnachta that were roughly equal. as she read shma, she translated a few words here and there ("eisev" and she asked if it is the kind that seeds, like in bereshis) and some prefixes and suffixes.

so we have not yet done chumash today. but a good day's work nonetheless.

i quizzed her on some some multiplication before signing her up for club penguin.

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