Thursday, March 18, 2010

goals and curriculum

chumash goals:

1) chana should learn to read and translate
2) (if possible) chana should have read and translated the 5 books (chamisha chumshei torah) by the end of 8th grade
3) rashi reading and translation
4) methodology of asking questions and gaining yesodos (fundamental principles)

we started by

1) learn the aleph beis and nekudos
2) learn to read hebrew
3) R' Winder "lashon hatorah" series, 1-4. we did not start any chumash until all of these were done.
4) hebrew language immersion (with my mediocre american hebrew. my kids don't understand israelis).

note: sarah (oldest and homeschool graduate) started learning chumash in 4th grade. chana started learning chumash in february this year, after finishing the 4th R' Winder book.

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