Monday, March 22, 2010

smooth sailing

chick chock we zipped through today. she wanted the computer for club penguin. i said let's do chumash first. she said ok. we looked at the pasuk. the asnachta was towards the end of the pasuk (and chana likes an evenly divided pasuk). i asked her how much she wanted to do. she pointed to about halfway through the pasuk. i said fine. she read and translated. she knew all the words mostly. chayas: i mimed dead and alive and reminded her that the taf at the end means "...s of" and "romes" i crept my hands across her belly for creepy crawlies. total time: under 2 minutes.

tomorrow we will have to keep the thread of today's translation, which is always a little challenging. as per channie's suggestion, i plan to orally review outside before starting tomorrow.

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