Thursday, March 18, 2010

the decision

i decided to start recording a (somewhat) daily log of mine and chana's chumash work. i have a 9th grader who is currently in "real" school after being homeschooled for all of elementary school, a 3rd grader who will be the main character of this blog (and myself, i suppose), and a toddler and an infant.

irritating things i do: 1) i do not capitalize. this drives some people nuts. it started with microsoft word, who capitalized for me and i then got out of the habit. happily, i noticed that my new cellphone does the same for texts. everything else stays lowercase. 2) i overuse the shortened version of because, "coz." it even irks me. but with gratitude to my toddler and infant, it's a shortcut i am very used to and it will be hard to kick the habit. i may not even try.

as i frequently say, "i can get dressed OR go out, but not both." (hence me and anyone i'm in charge of dressing often being seen outside in pajamas). the same may apply here. i can write well, or i can share my chumash learning experience.

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