Saturday, March 20, 2010


i mused out loud as chana was brushing her teeth getting ready for bed: what is the next thing we have to do?

chana said: "review."

i told her i decided we won't review inside.

her face spread into a smile: "we won't?"

i said that i think we did enough inside. i said, what was the pasuk about? she said, "i don't remember." i said, "hashem told..."
chana: "i don't remember."
me: "adam and..."
chana: "his wife!"
me: "that he gave them..."
chana: "food"
me: "what food?"
chana: "fruits..."
me: "and what else?"
chana: "seeds from the grass."
ok, it's grass that seeds. good enough! onwards.


  1. At one point would you mind expanding on your approach to "unschooling" in general? How exactly does it work? How does a child become proficient in, say, mathematics, science or grammar without any curriculum? I am not raising a "kushya", I am just asking informationally how this is done.

  2. By the way, the previous comment was from Josh Maroof.