Wednesday, May 23, 2012

why are we doing so much rashi?

we had the nice experience of doing the rashi on "call him and he'll eat bread," as a reference to marriage, and chana remembered the rashi about potifar putting yosef in charge of everything except his "bread."
it's nice when she remembers an old rashi and makes a connection.

chana also got overloaded in the middle of the rashis and started complaining.  she asked why we are doing rashis that are obvious from the pshat.  i started to answer her, then stopped.  then she said, a bit rudely, 'you won't even answer me.'  and i thought to myself that it is my opinion that what i teach should be defensible.  meaning i should be able to lucidly explain to my 10yo why we are learning something.  and if i can't, maybe i should rethink it.

i said, "i want you to have a lot of practice reading and translating rashi, so i pick ones that have easy meanings so that we can work on you getting better and reading and translating."  and she muttered some more about how she doesn't want to learn to read rashi.  and i said it's for future in case she will want rashi skills.

i've been ruminating a lot about love of learning.  i'm still ruminating.  i love homeschooling because there is so much time for rumination about how you want to run things, and so little red tape for change if you think it's called for.

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