Tuesday, May 15, 2012


During chazara, it was our practice that chana not use her new computer until she did chumash.  (This did not include rashi, since she often took an hour or more break between chumash chazara and rashi chazara.)  This means, basically, that every morning during chazara, Chana bounded down the stairs and pushed me to do chumash.  I was tempted to make this the rule every morning, except that I, too, have grown used to having that hour after "morning rush" when jack and aharon wake up and need to be fed to just chill.  Also, although I suggested to Chana that maybe we would make it a practice not to go on computer until we did chumash, I just felt that isn't in the unschool spirit.  However, two days ago she did say that she liked doing chumash first thing, and maybe she would do this all the time.

Chana bounced in this morning that today we are starting Shmos.  She wondered what "shmos" means, she looked at how many pages were in the entire chumash, she looked at how long rishon was, she saw a bunch of names and got excited (she loves translating names because she flies through them).  She looked at the pictures of the keilim of the mishkan, and wondered what they were.

Anyway, as a demonstration of why I don't think it's ideal to wait: This morning, for example, Chana came down and asked to start Shmos just as aharon woke from his nap just as jack was stirring for the morning, and jack needs to be cuddled for about 20 min after waking or else he tantrums for an hour.  and aharon needs to be nursed and then pottied and then fed immediately when he wakes up or he's very cranky.  (so I had to make a choice, and I chose nursing aharon while jack waited in bed, then bringing a cranky aharon to cuddle jack.)  Chana had to wait.

She chose when to stop (13 pesukim), and didn't mind the rashis.  Ah, crisp new beginnings :-)  chazak chazak!

chana sees the position of rav, more than shmuel.  pharoah loved yosef; how could he do this. 

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