Friday, May 4, 2012

how is chazara going?

we are on day 3 of chazara.  it's been a bit disappointing.  like when i used to teach in a school and i would give a test and the students wouldn't do so well.  i remember going over and going over pesukim with chana, and yet she didn't remember them in chazara.  (though she did remember the rashis we did over and over).

so this is what we've been doing: every day we have been reviewing one parsha (making chazara about 10 days).  every page or so, i choose a pasuk that reviews the flow of the story.  if there are pesukim that she won't remember but they are important to review, then i read and translate it for her.  so she's getting a review of the flow, and some of the words, even though overall she's not reviewing milim.  whatever she learned by repetition, she learned.  we haven't had that many rashis, since she didn't do so many rashis on that parsha. 

it was ridiculous today because even though aharon finally fell asleep, jack was asking me to wrestle and kept trying to smack the chumash out of my lap, and elazar was shrieking about i'm-not-sure-what-anymore.  i also had the take a toy fishing rod away from him a bunch of times because he was using it as a weapon.  when he used it as a fishing rod and he "caught" me, at least that kept him busy.

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