Wednesday, May 2, 2012


chana finished sefer bereshis!  now we have to figure out how to do chazara.  i told chana she does not take ownership of her new computer until after chazara, but she can use it each day after chazara.  so she has been urging me to figure out how to do chazara. 

i agreed that reading pasuk by pasuk to review would take excessively long. 

back to the old question: what is the goal or purpose of chazara?

is it to review vocabulary words?  no.  either she knows them or she doesn't.  a review of the words she doesn't remember will likely not help them stick into her head any better.

is it to review the flow of the stories or to remember specific parts?  if so, we don't have to do it inside.  i can review parts without the pain of translation.  however, i don't know which parts she doesn't remember.  as chana put it: how am i supposed to remember the ones i don't remember?
i have to find the sections i think she won't remember.

i would like her to review some of the more difficult famous pesukim to increase her familiarity with them.  that means i have to choose the famous pesukim. 

well, it's feeling like chazara is going to take some prep and work on my part.  something i generally prefer to avoid. 

i have an idea of randomly opening up each parsha and doing a few "spot checks" to see if chana can translate the pasuk and come up with the background.  that's more my style in terms of prep.  i think it will be a decent review and fairly effective.  especially in terms of investment vs output.

i'd also like to review some of the rashis.  i guess i could just flip through those and ask her to read a few here and there.  stay tuned.

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