Monday, May 7, 2012

chazara bereshis cont. aka a typical day

yesterday we did vayera.  because chana remembered the general gist of the akeida, plus there is a strong likelihood she'll be revisiting it in the future, we skipped it.  today we did chaye sora.  it's been really nice to be doing chazara in fast forward because chana is getting a nice over-arching picture of the sefer.  for example, when yaakov died, there were a whole bunch of pesukim talking about how avraham bought maaras hamachpela.  and now, just a little later, we reviewed that story.  chana saw lavan and asked about him, and i know in a few days we'll be hitting that section and it will all fall into place just a little bit more.

we haven't been doing rashis because there haven't been that many.  chazara will change tone a bit when we hit them, and if chana isn't prepared, she might get cranky.  i may have to do it piecemeal: 30-45 min chazara (that's how long it has been taking us to get through the parsha), then break for a few hours, then 30 min for rashi.  (my problem is once i break, it's really hard to get back to it.  yesterday we stopped at chamishi because i had to go out and it was bedtime/witching hour when i realized we hadn't finished).

we had to stop in the middle today (we always have to stop many times in the middle) because i was informed that elazar made a bowel movement behind the couch.  why?  because he doesn't want to use the toilet.  we stopped for cleanup and discipline.  he told me he peed there, too.  he rebuffed my suggestion that he use the potty.  said he prefers behind the couch.  i hope we are not at an impasse on this.  afterwards, he took some spray and sponges and happily cleaned the bathrooms til we were done.

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