Wednesday, March 30, 2011

so we are making progress in revi'i. i told chana we were doing 4 new pesukim today. she was reluctant, but she decided if she can play bejeweled in between new pesukim it would be ok. we also did a new rashi. chana kept commenting that the word "hafach" is odd to use for the destruction of sedom. he flipped it over? rashi says all the cities were on a big rock. so we did that. not too long, not too complex, and has the abbreviations of "she'neemar" and "v'gomer" in it, which is useful to know.

then for review, she wanted to go through shlishi by herself and just say any words that she doesn't remember. we did that in the car yesterday. it's good for the car but overall i think it breeds carelessness. but anyway, i wanted to review an old section of hagar and sara. so i stopped her and flipped back to that.

then chana felt she needed a break. she's been working for a half hour so far, including bejeweled.

also, chana was angry after the rashi. i asked why. she said because she didn't know it. i asked her why she thinks she is supposed to know all the words and translations and pronunciations the first time she sees it. she gets sullen when she doesn't know it right away or remember it.

anyway, i wonder how much she'll remember from lech lecha. i'm going to have her do about 11 pesukim.

she read it grouchily. she remembered ones i thought she wouldn't, and didn't remember words i would have liked her to. guess that's life.

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