Monday, March 21, 2011

so today is shushan purim. chana moaned through chumash today, but since elazar was out and jack was sleeping, i had all the time in the world and it didn't really bother me. just shows me how
a lot of dynamic and interaction stems from my own impatience, worry, wanting-to-get-it-done-with, being unable to think creatively about how to handle complaints because there is too much going on. ie it takes 2 to tango. i remember a rabbi of mine once saying that parenting isn't necessarily the hard part; it's parenting during everything else that's the hard part. anyway, i decided to do just spot milim for the first bunch of pesukim because she knows them well. when we got up to the pesukim that are newer and she's been having trouble with, she had to do the whole pasuk. she resisted, but i accepted the emotions of resistance, and we moved forward. slowly slowly. it took us about 35 min to do the 19 pesukim, with full translation starting at pasuk 12. so those last 7 pesukim are giving her some trouble. their construction is complicated, and there are some new words.

we google imaged "morning star" today to see what "shachar" is.

no new rashis. none have struck me and she's good enough at the one we've been doing.

of course, if we want to improve rashi skills, we have to do more rashis. but after wrestling with those pesukim today, i'm happy to lay off a bit.

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