Friday, March 4, 2011

chana noticed that lot calls the people of sedom his brothers. she wondered if they treat all visitors the way they are treating these men. she wondered how lot became accepted into sedom if that's how they treat visitors. did lot move in before they started doing that?

i told her that she was going to be upset by the new pasuk. because it's hard? she asked. i said no, because of content. she was a bit perplexed as to why lot would offer his daughters. the pasuk was complex enough that i had her do it twice, which she doesn't like to do.

then she took a break to play a one-minute game on the computer. then she did rashi. then she blitzed through sheni chazara. (actually, she's still in the middle of it right now, but she told me to write that).

ps there are a few words that chana just doesn't remember each time. i think those will be a wash. "kala" is finish "yasaf" add etc.

chana asked why it says hashem left when he isn't subject to space or position. i said it means he stopped giving nevua to avraham.

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