Friday, April 1, 2011

one day she'll thank me

as usual, i'm thinking about pushing vs not pushing. about unschooling and the theory that one day they'll do it on their own with vigor and joy, vs the concern that i'm not willing to leave chumash skills up in the air with "maybe they'll pick it up one day."

am i really killing her joy in chumash by forcing her to work on skills? it seems like every day is at loggerheads. she started revii happily enough. she did 2 new pesukim. she asked a question on pshat. (it says hashem remembered avraham, so he sent lot out of the city when he destroyed the city lot was living in. what does remembering avraham have to do with lot? was lot in the city when he destroyed it? why does it make it sound like he was).

sigh. now chazara. i wanted to go back to lech lecha because i see she's not remembering it so much. oh, the kvetching and complaining and whining. i finally whined back at her that i simply cannot listen to her doing 12 pesukim in this tone of voice. she stomped off in a huff.

then she does chazara and says, 'see? i know it.' i'm very happy she remembers the content. she doesn't quite remember it attached to the words when the phrases are hard or some the vocab. it's a back and forth of arguing and whining.

and we still have rashi to do. and the rest of chazara.

i do think that she won't really remember how painful she is finding the skill work, and she'll be happy she has the skills. i don't think it will affect her love of learning, because she's not really learning now. she's pre-learning. she's acquiring the skills she will need to learn, really study, the torah in the future.

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