Tuesday, March 24, 2015

soliciting help for commentary choice

Now is a time I wish I had a broad readership because I'd like input.  I haven't been doing Rashi with Chana on Parshas Mas'ei, mostly because I'm tired of fighting through Rashis with our inefficient learning of them and somewhat because none of them are shouting out at me (but I haven't even been looking).

So I had an idea.  Pesach is coming.  Why not do a Rashi about the Pesach story?  Chana noticed we haven't been doing Rashi and asked if there weren't any that I liked, or did I just laze out.  I asked her if she'd do one on the Pesach story, and she said sure.

My first thought was the one on Shmos 38:8 about the women and the mirrors.  I asked her if she remembered doing that one (I think we did it at the time, but maybe not) and she didn't remember it.

Now I'm wondering if maybe a Ramban or Sforno would be better for her.  Something that would get into the meat of the story.  Maybe the Sforno on free will?  Maybe the machlokes Rambam and Sforno?

Wondering if anyone had any ideas for a commentary of about 6 lines that would be good to do with her.

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  1. Being lazy ( or tired), I am just throwing an idea here... in the very beginning of Moshe's story, it seems that Amram has nothing to do with him. Yocheved is the one who hides him for three months, Yocheved is the one who makes him a teva. Miriam is the one who watches to see what will happen to her brother (not Aaron). Makes women first and foremost in the story, and I wonder whether anyone comments on that.