Friday, March 20, 2015

prepesach jitters

Chana is on the last parsha of Bamidbar.  I haven't done any Rashis in that parsha.  It looks like she'll easily finish the Chamisha Chumshei Torah before High School

Chana doesn't want to matriculate for high school.  I'm urging her to take a couple of Torah classes (and lunch!) in high school.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm trying to get her to take the algebra regents with the high school, and the paperwork is slightly complicated so I'm figuring that out with the homeschooling office and the school office.

Chana is very much looking forward to NOT taking math next year.  We agreed to do chemistry this summer, when 2 of the boys will probably be at camp during a few hours of the day.  I picked out a book but I won't buy it until before the summer.

I'm beginning to feel like Elazar has been falling through the cracks.  His unschooling is going swimmingly. But now that he puts himself to bed, he hasn't been learning Torah so much.  I'm in that state of kind of worrying about it but not worried enough to do something about it yet.  Since unschooling is a long term proposition, it's not the biggest deal.  But I worry that I'm not teaching him that we value Torah if I barely speak to him during the day (except about minecraft or helping him with whatever he asks me) and opportunities aren't coming up to talk about Torah.

Jack's bedtime consists of reading (he's up to lesson 29 out of 100) and Torah and snuggle.  He's doing beautifully.

Aharon is a tantrummer from hell.  He's sapping a lot of my energy. I'm still in the phase where when we leave the house, at least two children are crying and when we get into the car, there are tantrums.  One day, when everyone walks everywhere under their own steam, I plan to go ziplining in Costa Rica with them.  Science.  I daydream about that while they scream in the car about who is sitting where and that I buckled in the wrong order.  I feel like most of my day with Aharon is trying to be a loving presence who is coaching him through the idea of "olam she'aino shelach" and saying over and over to him and Jack, "Please speak nicely to me."

While I write this, the neighbors are over and the little ones are building forts with the dining room chairs.  Elazar is supervising making lunch.  Chana is still asleep.

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