Tuesday, March 24, 2015

hear me roar

It's 1:30pm.  I have 10-12 hours left to the day.

I went to work.  I came home.  I changed back into my pjs.  I cleaned up (and cajoled whoever was around to help me) the paper plates that were cut up and left by their beds.  I straightened my bedroom, which somehow got in disarray.  I talked to my 3yo about things he is angry about (the color of the booster seat he sat in today, the neighbors putting him in jail first ["not real jail, mommy"], me not giving him the commercial he wanted to see).  I negotiated a fragile peace between 7yo and 5yo after 5yo threw kid scissors at 7yo after he attempted verbal communication and it didn't work.  It was a complex issue and still is, having to do with turns, alerting or not alerting during turns, changing the order and the cons associated with that, and a criticism on my parenting how I give consequences without warnings ("But that is a house rule and you know it, so it doesn't get a warning--hey, we're talking about the game, not about about those rules right now").  I talked to 5yo about options other than scissor throwing.  I had him put away the scissors.  I made myself a salad (with nuts and avocados!).  I did not feed the boys lunch.  I spoke to 13yo briefly.  I played with 3yo.  I requested that everyone put one or two things away.  I vacuumed.  I did not put away the vacuum cleaner.

I. am. superwoman.

So are you.

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