Wednesday, March 11, 2015

learning to write using the internet

I got Jack an gmail account.  Why?  Because google wasn't remembering his previous searches.  So many times a day I'm painstakingly spelling out c-a-n-d-y_c-r-u-s-h.  Oops, he wrote a "b" and not a "d."  Just use the arrow key, don't dele---!  Okay, start over.  And r-h-i-n-o_r-u-s-h.  We finally got to the point that he remembers that c-a is the beginning of candy crush.  He is getting faster at typing and remembering more.

But now that he has gmail, google remembers his searches.  He clicks one or two letters and his previous searches pop up.  Now he can choose what he's looking for.  His word recognition grows.  I have to dictate less.


I have noticed before that Elazar's google searches have to be more specific than the "creative spelling" that the girls learned to write with.  He called me over yesterday and said, "Can you read this?"  I read out loud: "How to make tutorial in minecraft."  He frowned.  He said, "If you can read it, why isn't google finding it?"

He had written: "Haw to make ti tryal in minecraft."  Google had no trouble with the "haw" being "how" but it could not figure out tutorial.  I explained that the two words were confusing it, and how to spell it properly.  I'm pretty sure he'll remember how to spell it.

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