Tuesday, March 24, 2015

hear me roar II

Part II of my day: 1:30-4:50 (it's only 4:50?!)

Thinking about doing a round 2 of cleanup.  Did put vacuum cleaner away.  7yo smashed an empty leben cardboard box and it's all over the floor.  Told him to clean it up and he said he threw his out (actually 1/3 of it is in the garbage) and he gave the rest to his brother.

Did algebra and Chumash with 13yo.  Told 7yo to write a letter to his grandfather asking for a skull mask after he couldn't find one on the internet that he could afford or find good instructions to make one.

Kicked neighbor kids out of the house after big fight.  Walked 5yo over to talk to them after they wouldn't answer the door to him.

Made grocery list and weekly menu and worked on Pesach menu and grocery list.

Made pancakes.  Messed up the math (and that's why I don't ever use that brilliant idea of teaching fractions via cooking or baking) and had to call my sister to run through the arithmetic with me and accidentally doubled part of the recipe so had to double the rest, making a recipe that I liked for its manageability into a monstrosity.  I had trouble flipping the pancakes and made a mess not once, not twice, but FOUR times.  Waiting for the grate to cool down before I attempt cleanup.  5yo who requested pancakes (two days ago, but kept asking until I made them today) ate two bites of it and spilled syrup all over.  He swears he cleaned it up.  3yo got himself a fork and tried to cut his pancake with it, and tantrummed when it didn't work.  Screamed for a knife.  I asked him to ask nicely.  He cut his pancake but didn't eat it.  On the up side, I remembered to put on the stovetop vent and I didn't set off the smoke alarm for once.

3yo played outside in the yard with the neighbor and asked if the sink would run out of water.  He put his wet shirt in the laundry (at least I'm taking his word on that--maybe I'll find it later) and said he needed a stool to get a new shirt.  Not sure why he needs a stool for a bottom drawer.

13yo made fruit smoothies for everyone.

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