Tuesday, July 2, 2013

kol hatchalot enthusiasticot

I handed chana a piece of paper with 3 things written (in hebrew)

1. write hebrew story (est 20 min)

2. chumash (20 min)

3. shemona esrei (est 15 min)

I asked her to please fill out times when she planned to do those activities.  she made a 12 next to the first one, a 1 next to the 2nd, and a "after my plans" next to the 3rd.  she drew a neutral face next to the story, an unhappy face next to chumash, and a rejoicing face next to "plans."

At ten minutes to 12, she got a notebook and writing utensil.  I told her to take her ipad to look up words she didn't know.  She had to re-download the translator app, which she apparently deleted due to lack of use.  She told me to say, "Class, you may begin," at precisely 12.  I don't know what she did for those last few minutes.  Thought of ideas?  Tried out the app?  At 12, she reminded me to say it, so I did.

After 12 minutes, she asked if she could stop.  She had written almost 3/4 of a page in small letters.  So I said yes.  I said tomorrow I would check it with her, and we would correct the first draft together.

Now, even though it is 12:30 and not 1, she is doing Chumash.  12:40, and we finished.  Chazara of half of sheni, chazara of the 2 (complicated) pesukim we did yesterday, and 3 new pesukim.

I predict that since the 3rd time was vague and not specific, she will not initiate it.  But we shall see.

We shall also see if I have the oomph to keep up with this and follow through.  Tomorrow the story draft, and today shemona esrei translation.

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