Tuesday, July 9, 2013

it's not as bad as i thought

I went through the part in the siddur that Chana didn't understand with her.  When I saw it, I understood why she had trouble reading it.  It was a long, sophisticated paragraph explaining when to take the 3 steps back and when to bow.  I wonder if I would have had trouble with it even in high school.

Chana is on page 68 out of 94 pages of 4th grade Sfasenu (remember, in 6th grade she did the 3rd grade one as per "the three years ahead" rule and then she moved on to the 4th grade one).  I'm trying to decide what to do next with her.  Ivrit Shitatit? (We used that in 7th and 8th grade and shortened its name derogatorily.)  I have one of them but I'm not sure if it's the first one, or if that matters.

Another possibility I was thinking of is to have her read picture books.  I have a fair collection of Hebrew picture books bought from Israel.  Some of them are pretty sophisticated.  Meaning they have words I don't understand ;-)  They are all elementary school age books.  I myself am not comfortable reading novels in Hebrew. I could probably slog through it, but it would be slow.  Anyway, they probably won't be too painful and should make for some nice reading comprehension.  But we have some time before the next step.  Probably after Succos.

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