Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ivrit fail

I had been planning for Chana to write a short story in Ivrit, where she looks up words that she wants to use and I go over it afterwards, edit the grammar, she does a rewrite, does more than one draft, and at the end, has a polished story.

We never got around to it.

We are in the middle of shemona esrei translation, and that kind of fizzled out.

Chana told me that she was davening from a siddur at my parents' house, and the instructions were in Hebrew and she didn't understand them.  She's going into 7th grade, and apparently either she can't read without nekudos or she is intimidated to try.

Time to take a look at Ivrit and see if we need to do some work.

This morning (it's always a challenge to bring up work to Chana in the morning--I've mentioned many times that she prefers to work at night) I reminded her that she agreed to do the story.  She agreed that she had agreed.  I also said over the weekend, when we are back at my parents, I'd like to go through the shemona esrei and look at the instructions with her and help her read and understand them.  She scowled, but agreed.  After all, she herself was not happy that she didn't understand them.

A few minutes later when I brought up that we hadn't finished translating shemona esrei, she had enough.

As it is, we have to agree on when to do Chumash today.  I think I will wait a half an hour (unfortunate, since it's pretty quiet now, as Jack and Elazar are playing outside with the neighbors), then ask her when she would like to schedule 3 activities today: beginning her story, chumash, and translation of another bracha of shemona esrei (or a quick review of the ones we already did).

And I just realized it's been over a week of no sfasenu.  Yeesh.

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