Tuesday, July 2, 2013

another great idea i may follow through on

I just read this blog post and it has inspired me: month-by-month decluttering

So I wrote up a little schedule for myself, and why not make it a little more permanent by popping it up on the internet, for other people who might possibly find it useful.

I've actually done a serious amount of decluttering in the last bunch of years, to the point of hiring an organizer twice while I was pregnant with my 5th child to get things under control before he was born, and reading a few books on the subject.  I can say now that I am wildly better at housekeeping than I was when I had one kid.  I would not call myself good at it yet.

My general goals were: to be able to clean any trashed room in under half an hour (such as a basement full of toys), to be able to straighten the house if unexpected company is coming by in 10-15 minutes, and to be able to walk through the house without avoiding things on the floor (that actually takes about 3-4 pick ups a day).

Despite my great beginnings, and slowly working on flylady, it does still have a tendency to get overwhelming if I'm not on top of things daily.  Which is understandable, considering I have supremely active 6, 3, and 2 year old boys who are in the house most of the day.  (Chana thankfully has learned to police her brass.)

So here is my schedule:

1. my bedroom: July
-ari's closet
-my night table
-laundry basket
-under the bed?
2. boys' bedroom: August
-under the bed
-3 shelves
3. office: September
-my closet
-my dresser
-ari's desk?
-toy bin
-boys' clothes
4. basement: October
5. living room: November
-computer desk
-behind the couch
6. dining room: December
-door to downstairs
-blue furniture
-filing cabinet
-wine cabinet
7. bathrooms: January
8. sunroom: February
-behind couch
9. storage rooms: March
10. kitchen: April
-fridge and freezer
-microwave cart
-laundry room
11. pantry, shared room: May
12. cars, linen closet: June

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