Tuesday, March 20, 2012

night and day

last night was an annoying night.  a lot going on, chana reluctant, chana not remembering words she usually remembers, etc. 

today was completely different.  chana has been motivated to finish 3 pages a day because she calculated how much to be done by pesach.  but today we started with chazara of shvi'i of miketz, which wasn't too long and she mostly knew.  then she flleeeeewww through the new pesukim.  she was having a grand old time.  she said: "3 great things (and she counted them off on her hand): i'm almost done, it's getting really interesting, and i'm getting close to getting my computer!"

i had to stop to call in to my rabbi's class so we only got about half an hour done.  in that time, NOT including reviewing revi'i, she zipped through 35 new pesukim and then we got to the names of everyone who went down (which delighted her because they are so easy to translate) and we made it through leah's children.  she said she cannot wait to keep going after my rabbi's class.

one of my favorite parts was before we got up to the names, i had told her that there was a whole section of names that was going to be easy, and she was flipping through, looking, saying, "where do the names start? --oh, there! aleh shmos bnei yisroel."  i just love that she was able to skim and pick out the part she was looking for.  it demonstrates a certain comfort with the language.

we didn't have a chance to get back to it until after 9pm.  it was after her bedtime, but i knew she'd be thrilled to stay up and do some more.  which she was.  she said we're going to be doing chazara on two parshios at the same time!  because i haven't officially started chazara on miketz yet.  usually we take a week to do chazara on a parsha before we do the next one.  but she's just been so excited about new pesukim, we've been doing it that way.  maybe on shabbos i'll just read miketz to her and she'll ask me the words she doesn't know. 

we are also getting behind on rashi.  but i only found 8 rashis on the first 5 aliyahs in vayigash, so it won't be too bad to take a couple of weeks to strengthen the rashis on miketz without falling too far behind.

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