Monday, March 12, 2012

housework and chumash

last night i had the pleasure of having ari do rashi with chana while i cleaned the house.  i asked chana at 5pm to do it, she said 6:30, at 7 i got to it.  then i decided to vacuum instead.  so i buckled jack into the stroller, handed aharon to ari while he was listening to chana whine through rashi, and got to work.  20 min later the first floor was fairly neat.  now i know why i don't do it.  it takes me 4x as long as that, plus breaks to attend to the kids, plus they follow me around dumping what i just put away. 

this morning, i wanted to do chumash pretty early.  chana said it's too early.  i told her that she had all day yesterday, and the whining that went on was just intolerable.  so she chose a time: in 10 minutes.  i was counting down those minutes. 

we did review of a few of the recent pesukim.  i would have loved to review all of chamishi but it is toooo looong.  just reviewing 6 pesukim made her cranky, and she didn't have a lot of emotional energy to do new pesukim.  i always wonder how to set it up.  i tend to mix it up a bit, because she runs out of emotional energy much earlier than i think she "ought" to, and then she gets cranky and unwilling.  if we would have started with new pesukim, she probably would have done more AND enjoyed it more.  but then she would have no steam for chazara.  so she only made it through 3 new pesukim, then we took a break and did rashi. 

she's doing a lot of rashis.  with nekudos.  she said, "all these rashis are not helping me finish the chumash."  i said, "but they are helping you learn rashi."

we had to take a break during rashi because jack kept attacking aharon and i took some time to play with jack to take the edge off the aggression.

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