Wednesday, March 7, 2012

at her pace

i did megila how i like to do it.  i told her in english, emphasizing details she didn't know so that it was new and interesting to her, and at the pace she likes.

it was a bit of a tough sell since today is the last day of one of her free trials for one of her video editors, and she's in the middle of making some action/spy movie thing.  we got through 2 perakim until she asked to stop.  she asked:

  • would mordechai bow to the king?
  • haman wanted to kill the rest of the jews? even though they did bow to him?
 at one point, chana said to me, "i'm sorry, i wasn't paying attention.  i missed that." and i repeated it.  it reminded me of the cartoon my mother cut out over 10 years ago when i was homeschooling sarah.  there is a picture of a kid sitting at a desk in the middle of his living room, and mom says," i'm looking for a volunteer to do a report on boll weevils.  no volunteers?  nobody?  i'm going to have to pick one..."
and the caption says: the down side of homeschooling

it's true that i tend to notice very quickly when my student stops paying attention.  that's because most of our learning is interactive.

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