Wednesday, March 21, 2012

chana asked: if shepherding was a toava to the mitzrim, so much that they would live separately, how could pharoah ask yosef to put some of his brothers in charge of some of pharoah's sheep?

good question.  i told her i'd look it up.

we started with rashi.  did the ones from miketz, which still need more work.  didn't get to the ones from vayigash, because she was too worn out.  we did some new pesukim, which were fairly simple, so she ended up doing some extra.

i still feel concerned that we are going through it so quickly.  as far as learning the words, i think she will have the same retention rate as she's been having, since there are not too many new words and the few new ones she will get from context or she won't remember them.  that's ok.  but i think there isn't enough time for the story to sink in.

i was thinking about the grand chazara of sefer bereshis.  i had been thinking that i would read (and translate where requested) sections that she seems not to remember.  some of noach.  some of hagar.  etc.

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