Thursday, September 15, 2011

ambiguous and redundant

today chana reviewed the beginning of shishi while she ate lunch, and asked me for the words. it went quickly and uneventfully.

then, after an hour break, we did shvi'i. i told her i think she knows all the words and if she does, we can move on to the new parsha tomorrow w/o reviewing shevi'i. she didn't know "eim" (mother) and "v'y'tzav" he commanded. she often doesn't know the word with the shoresh of command until i say "torah tziva lanu moshe." as soon as i begin that, she knows. i've also been working at having her identify the shoresh which she doesn't do nearly as naturally as sarah used to, and she's been having fewer bursts of anger about it. i felt like she knows eim and tziva even though she had some trouble with them in that context

then we did a very small rashi about rivka being the mother of eisav and yaakov and rashi says, "i don't know what this teaches me." chana appreciated that because she often complains about there being information that we already know (and pronouns that are ambiguous).

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