Monday, November 22, 2010

we did rishon last night (sun nt) and i think it went well. the last 2 pesukim with a lot of new words were too much and chana got a little floppy, but til that point it went well.

plan for today is to start with shlishi, review the pesukim, do a few new pesukim (possibly a new rashi), and then take a large break and do sheni. i really want to do sheni by all translation (as opposed to just translating the new words) because the pesukim are generally words she is familiar with and i'd like to see how she does with overall translation. when i brought this up as the plan, chana objected because she said she still needs to read the hebrew of the words she doesn't know so that she'll learn it better. and that's a lot of work. so i said we'd negotiate.

so far we reviewed the pesukim in shlishi that we did, and she remembered a bunch of the words. we are now taking a food break before heading into the new pesukim.

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