Thursday, November 18, 2010

so my grand plan to slow down the pace today... i decided we were going review the few pesukim in shlishi pasuk by pasuk, then go back to sheni, then rishon. and not do new pesukim.

chana freaked out that we were doing entire pesukim and not just words. she freaked out that i don't tell her the words. (she "only" got 8 hrs of sleep last nt and she likes 10). i said i would tell her the words if she would review the words afterwards until she knows them without me telling her. (not long term, but you figure she just did them so she'll review them again after she translates the pasuk). she freaked out but i stood firm.

we got through 4 pesukim, with moderate screaming. then she went out to play in the playground, then i called into shiur, then she went to play with her cousin. and she's there still and will probably be there til bedtime. not one of our stellar days in terms of getting through material. but usually we are pretty good, so i guess it will slide.

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