Monday, November 22, 2010

chazara. chazara. chazara.

chana threw a bit of a fit when i said she had to translate all the pesukim in sheni. i gave her 2 minutes to cry. then i had a bunch of things to do. she said she cried only one minute. i was about to threaten her no tv for the rest of the day if she continued like that. but she settled down and began to translate. she said it's not fair because she has to read most of the hebrew so that she can translate it.

i still have to tell her a lot of the words. looks like we'll be reviewing this more. we are about halfway through sheni and are taking a 10 minute break before the rest. i wonder how many breaks she'll need for the rest.

also, i forgot to do the new rashi. tomorrow?

ok, back from break. chana did ok until the last 5 pesukim, when she cried that she just can't do it. she tried to negotiate that she would do them later (when i'm hoping for possibly doing rishon), or sdo some of them later, and then she just refused. i said no computer until she does them. and she can do them, and they are not too hard for her. finally she asked that i review them first and then she do them. so i did the first two, and then she interrupted me to do them. she had been thinking i would do it, then she would just repeat it, and not really do it. but when i did 2 of them she lost the thread and had to review it. we did the last 4 that way, and then the 5th was pretty simple and she did it herself. whew. we are definitely not finished with sheni, but it was a good review.

i'm leaving rashi alone for now.

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