Monday, November 15, 2010

chana did all of sheni today. we did chazara and she remembered the words from rishon (mostly). there are a couple of words giving her a hard time, but i'm impressed with how much she remembers. the pesukim today were pretty easy. sometimes it was a bit hard for her to do the whole flow of the pesukim, but she just asked me to review it afterwards for her, which i did.

she wondered how pharoah found out that sarai was avram's wife, not his sister.

she was zipping along so nicely today it's tempting to just keep going without chazara. but overall i think chazara is useful because it gives her more vocabulary, which generally makes it easier for her to zip through things.

i haven't done a rashi in a while. haven't found one that jumps out at me. but we haven't been reviewing the old ones, either.

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