Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more chazara

wooo blitzed through the 3 pesukim today. not so short, either. chana knew every single word. needed a bit of hand holding through "yotzei" reminder of shoresh yatza and the suffix of the "ay." all in all an excellent job.

then i introduced a piece of a new rashi, since it gave context to the pesukim we were doing, that noach was worried about doing pru urvu until hashem promised he wouldn't destroy mankind again. it has the nice benefits of having pru urvu in a slightly different grammatical form, and the shoresh ש.ח.ת. i said it outside, told it to her, and she said she could understand that noach would feel that way. we didn't read it inside yet. coz then we reviewed our old rashi. chana insisted that she knows it already, and i sa ould seem, when there is enough sleep and 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast and a 10 minute mental preparation time of her choosing and no other kids around).

then she wanted a break for the next rashi, which she keeps pronouncing wrong but i have hopes today will be better (?? maybe?). and then the new one. and then probably another break and chazara.

rashi went well. i started chazara an extra 2 pgs back because i thought she needed it. and she needed it. despite her fairly excellent mood, she began to flag. why do i need to do this. i pointed out that she didn't know them all, so it was clear some review is needed. she did know more than half of them.

then we stopped and we still have chazara left. hope to get to it this evening. we're off to tour AC moore plus art project, and i have to do lunch and get some of us dressed and jack needs to be ready.

oh ps i forgot chana and i were wrangling good naturedly about pronunciation of the rashi, and she always reads hashem knowing the future as "ro-ah" instead of "ro-eh." when i corrected her, she said that hashem is neither male nor female, so why was i being makpid. :-P

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