Tuesday, September 7, 2010

how to handle chazara?

we were doing just fine until i decided to do a second chazara run today. the new pasuk was good. i was on the fence about doing 2 new pesukim, but decided for my own sake as i'm cooking for rosh hashana i'm not going to push it.

but i think i'm having trouble with chazara. we've been sort of zipping through it, just doing the new words instead running through the full translations of the pesukim. plus, as i said, the words are piling up and we sort of move on before she's really very fluent in the past ones. plus, even if she is fluent, we haven't been going back to the beginning and reviewing. so she forgets.

i wonder how memory makes the transition out of short-term-memory into 'permanent knowledge.' how much practice/drilling would one need? we do not seem to be hitting it.

i'm toying with making a list of all the words of noach that she needs to review and just going through them every day. i imagine the same problem will arise; that the length will get too overwhelming. maybe when it gets too long, i need to cut back on new pesukim and spend more time on fluency? do i keep asking this question?

in happy news, chana continues to enjoy the rashi. we also are doing a new rashi on yasbisu meaning day and night won't stop. simple pshat. she's not so happy to be doing 2 rashis at once, but she's tolerating it. and i really want to review our old rashis. gotta get on that.

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