Friday, September 17, 2010

just wanna say that chana has not tantrummed in a couple of weeks (lol as far as i remember. perhaps a more careful scrutiny of this blog will show it's shorter than my memory. either way, it's been pretty smooth lately. i'm sure a combination of her easing out of whatever difficult phase she was in, plus her exercising a great deal of restraint, plus of course me being extremely explicit, clear about consequences with a large dollop of compassion and kindness).

i noticed as i opened the chumash to prepare for today's work that we didn't finish chazara yesterday. it got too difficult, she asked for a break, and we never got back to it. when i mentioned this, chana's grin told me either she was aware of that or that she was happy to get away with it.

anyway, as it's erev yom kippur and i have a lot to do today, and jack is asleep now (though elazar is panting for the playground so he'll be disruptive), i think we will just go over the pesukim she blitzed through the last couple of days. no new pesukim. no chazara of tough words. just another experience of her doing those pesukim to see if she can navigate them without my help. let's see. 9:11-15. i would have her do pasuk 16 but there's some grammar there that would necessitate me pulling out the white board.

chana did very nicely. turns out we hadn't done the last pasuk i thought we had, i did pull out the whiteboard, and she did that and through the end of the paragraph.

she still confuses "ben" son and "beyn" between. even though i show her the yud. sometimes she gets it, sometimes she doesn't. she wasn't in the mood for the complicated grammar and asked me to just tell it to her. i did. i wonder if she'll remember it next time. guess we'll see next week.

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