Thursday, June 4, 2015

yom yom

Chana is in Japan, on a "social studies" trip, checking out the culture.  Elazar and I have been doing the shulchan aruch yomi together, and there has so far been a lot about washing hands in the morning and before davening.  Elazar asked me if I keep all these laws.  I said yes, basically, I wash in the morning and I wash before davening, and he said it was getting confusing to keep it all straight and he was bored of laws about hand washing (I think it's been over a week about it).  I hear him sounding out words on the computer a lot.  

Jack (age 5.5) has been reading street signs.  It's been about 2 weeks since he found R' Winder's book and he loves it.  He does it every night.  I restricted him to one page a day because it takes him so long to do and I'm tired.  He complains because he wants to do more.  Since I speak to him in Hebrew, he pretty much knows most of it.  His reading comprehension is good.  He can read the Hebrew and the English and understand it.  It's cool.  (I still get that thrilled feeling of "he can read!" even though he's my fourth kid.)  Then he reads English and then he reads Hebrew.  Then he wants to learn Torah.  I'm so tired by the end of this I'm practically falling asleep in the middle.

Tonight I convinced him to go to bed an hour earlier.  He started to protest but I told him that he can do more work without me being tired.  So he got excited.  

I don't think this is normal behavior.  He's always been a "well-behaved" child with a very long attention span.  Between him and Elazar, who is finishing 2nd grade and hasn't yet been capable of sitting down to a "normal" lesson, I have the gamut here. 

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