Monday, June 29, 2015

chemistry lishma

We did our third day of chemistry.  After looking through all the books that I requested from the library, it turns out the one I bought I like the best.  We are using that as the basis.  A lot of chemistry is coming back to me as we go through this, so I'm jumping off and explaining things.

It is so much fun!  And it feels so real.  It feels like Chana and I are learning about what human beings have learned about how the world works.  I hope we continue to enjoy it.


  1. What book are you using? Are you using hands on materials?

    1. I got a pile of books from the library but the one I bought (Usborne's What's Chemistry All About) is really nicely laid out and the most step by step. I'm augmenting it with what I remember from school :-P
      After this we'll probably look at the other books and then maybe if she is inclined we'll head into some of the math involved.
      It has a few experiments on the side. One of them is so easy (sprinkle some salt over a fire and watch it make orange sparks) but I haven't done it yet. I don't love experiments and neither does Chana. I imagine when the boys get there it will be more hands on. Actually, the boys did drag out the Magic School Bus "Diving into slime, gel, and goop" kit that my dad bought E a couple of months ago and they've been doing that the last couple of days. I've got a cup of red gel on my table as we speak.