Friday, May 22, 2015

erev erev shavuos

We sat down to do Chumash and don't know how Ruth came up (maybe it was on the screen on my computer when Chana sat down).  Chana asked who it is and I said, "Don't you remember the megila we read on Shavuos?"  She was hazy on the details so I asked her if she wanted to learn it.  She said, "Instead of Chumash?"  I said yes.  She said, "And rashi?" (a reason why I think unschooling would be nice--she could actually think about whether or not she was interested in learning about Megilas Rus without bargaining about avoiding Chumash and Rashi)

She read and translated about 10 pesukim before running out of steam.  I read and translated the rest of the perek to her, hoping it would make it a pleasant learning experience.  And it was.  A few of the details came back to her.  She asked some good questions.  We had some interesting discussion.

At night, for a change, Elazar came upstairs when I was putting Jack to bed.  I told them about Ma'amad Har Sinai.

Earlier in the evening, Jack stumbled across R' Winder's book.  Since he can read English a lot better now, he did a few pages of that.  When he got to the noun translations, I had him read some of the Hebrew.  He was able to read שם (when I reminded him of the shin sound and that it was a mem sofis :-P), and he had some trouble with eretz.  I ran out of steam before he did.

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  1. what I said about maamad har sinai. I usually don't like to tell pshat w/o the chumash in front of me because it's not accurate. But I was also too tired to get a chumash so I went with faulty memory.
    I said that Hashem told Moshe to speak to the zekeinim and ask if we would be His people and He would be our Elokim. And that would mean keeping the mitzvos. And we said whatever hashem tells us, we will do. And then Hashem said take 3 days to get ready (not sure if this part is accurate) and He will speak to Moshe and everyone will see and hear, and know that Hashem speaks to Moshe. So that when Moshe says that Hashem said to do a mitzva, they'll know that Hashem really speaks to Moshe. And they made a big fence around the mountain so the Jews wouldn't touch the mountain. And then the boys asked if it had flowers. And they said probably. And I said the whole mountain was on fire with smoke and earthquakes. And elazar said that hashem could make the flowers not burn, like the burning bush. And i said He could, but i don't know why he would do that in this case. And e agreed. And i said there was a big shofar sound that kept going.